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libString is a library created for the management of particular types of strings:

- sChr, to manage a string whose values ​​are the individual characters;

example: "11100011001011101011"

- sFix, to manage a string whose values ​​are groups of fixed-length character;

example: "01020304050607080910"

- sID, to manage a string containing a value and an ID;

example: "value          [9]"

- sTag, to manage a string whose values ​​are delimited by markup;

example: "<tag1>val1</tag1><tag2>val2</tag2>"

- sVal, to manage a string whose values ​​are delimited by a specific character;

type 1 example: "val1|val2|val3|val4|val5"
type 2 example: "val1|val2|val3|val4|val5|"
type 3 example: "|val1|val2|val3|val4|val5"
type 4 example: "|val1|val2|val3|val4|val5|"

For more details, analyze the classes in the source code and use the test program.

Note: to run libString, must be installed the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

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libString 1.0 with VB .NET source code (March 4, 2016)

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